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Beavis and Butt-Head are watching a Korn video. Butt-Head says that it'd be a lot cooler of a video if you were all dizzy and stuff. Beavis proceeds to show him a trick where you plug your mouth up with your thumb and try to blow. It was supposed to make him get all dizzy, but...

Beavis: [gasp!] [gasp!] I think that the problem with this video is it is highly derivative of many popular bands within the genre. Although when viewed on its own merits, it does have a deeper groove. However what it has in groove it lacks in originality. One can't help but be reminded of such bands as Pearl Jam, White Zombie, Suicidal Tendancies and other bands that bear the mantle of so called "Alternative Rock". One is even reminded of Lorie Anderson when she wore curlers. Hehehmhm! This video speaks less to the heart and more to the sphincter. In closing, I think Korn would do well to learn more from -

(Butt-Head slaps him silly)

Beavis: Ahhhh!! Heh! Oww! Heh! Whoa! What happened?

Butt-Head: You got all dizzy and started talking like a dumbass.

Beavis: Whoa, really? Wow!

Copyright 1999 Food God Productions. All rights reserved. If you are reading this, you suck. Why read this. Go look at something else bunghole. Yeah, you heard me!! I called you a bunghole!!.........How does it feel?