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b-hung.wav - I'm hung like a horse
bungho~1.wav - Amnesia
girlshav.wav - Girls have crotches??
10six9er.wav - 10-6-9er. There's whores in the city.
dammit.wav - Dammit, dammit, sonofabitch.
poo2much.wav - I poop too much.
bowdown.wav - You must bowdown to the almighty bunghole!!
bunghole.wav - Do not make my bunghole angry
90210.wav - It's that bitch from 90210
Badpoopy.wav - Ahhhhh! Bad Poopy!
nad.wav - Hi, I'm a nad.
sufr.wav - Ahhhh! Stop it! Ahhh! Let me go
LIVER.wav - Ahhh! Ahhh! My liver!!
comeout.wav - Comeout with your pants down
doctor.wav - Beavis doing stand-up comedy
jaws.wav - Beavis as Jaws
porno.wav - I'm trying to watch a porno
animalby.wav - Lets buy some animals
bb3boobs.wav - Whoa, this chick has 3 boobs
bnbhit.wav - He hit us and stuff
donttouc.wav - Don't touch me asswipe
enufcrap.wav - Enough of this crap
fire.wav - Fire, heh heh
gngrb.wav - We forgot our gingerbread men
letgoprv.wav - Let go pervert!!
lizard.wav - I gotta drain my lizard
pockfish.wav - He's a pocket fisherman
slutstoo.wav - I'm hoping to do some sluts too
touchwei.wav - Ahhh, he trying to touch my weiner
dogbite.wav - heh heh, dogbite
dontscrw.wav - Yeah, don't screw with him
dontstnd.wav - umm, please don't make us stand up right now
droolon.wav - Let's tape him to the floor and drool on him
fastrap.wav - Check this out, lrthrlhjrtooertnbabalerurrd
smooth.wav - Damn were smooth
plates.wav - Dr. Dre dropping plates on you ass biutch
penisaur.wav - It's penisaurus
insane.wav - Insane in the membrane
breaksmg.wav - Lets break something
baby.wav - Do me baby
drivethru.wav - Thankyou, drivethru
dome.wav - Sorry, I thought you said you wanted to do me
going.wav - Hey, how's it going?
bb-dirty.wav - Lets get dirty magazines
7yrbitch.wav - 7 year bitch
bungholio.wav - bungholio, bungholio
burnsome.wav - Lets burn something
changeit.wav - heh, heh, change it
crnhlio.wav - I am cornholio
cutitout.wav - Cut it out butthole

Copyright 1999 Food God Productions. All rights reserved. If you are reading this, you suck. Why read this. Go look at something else bunghole. Yeah, you heard me!! I called you a bunghole!!.........How does it feel?