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theme.wav - The theme song
bleeding.wav - Beavis has a nosebleed
chinese.wav - Pull down your pants, spank your monkey
brady.wav - Brady Bunch
monkey.wav - It's your mother
tv.wav - Before television....
boner.wav - I'm getting a boner.
extrapoo.wav - That's gonna cost extra
water.wav - The end of the world
candy.wav - Mr. Candyass
payoff.wav - I haven't actually heard this one, download it anyway
buzzcut2.wav - We'll be talking about the penis.....
bbteen.wav - It's not fair, we're never gonna score
12xmas.wav - On the 12th day of christmas.......
choke.wav - I'm going to the bathroom....okay
pbs.wav - He said bs.....but before that, he said pee - He's falling, and he can't get it up
beav_dad.wav - Beavis, we may have found your dad - Both of them laughing alot - Hmmm, tastes like chicken
breadworst.wav - Yeah, where's the breadworst?
chicken.wav - Choke your own chicken dude
dangle.wav - The angle of the dangle is.....
darkbutt.wav - Turds can see in the dark
dontstop.wav - Quitters never win
hardware.wav - Hardware....
hemother.wav - He said 'mother'
promisedland.wav - We're about to see the promised land
wetdream.wav - Asswipe, I was about to have a wet dream
bnbdead.wav - Everyone is asking god to kill b'n'b..
scream3.wav - B and B ring up people and scream at them
cltv-tv.wav - A T.V inside the T.V.....
thisaintnolibrary.wav - BnB reading porn at the news-stand
ribbedcondom.wav - BnB talking about a condom
candy.wav - A guy telling bnb not to take his kid's candy
doaguy - Mabye if we close our eyes......
penis.wav - Put your penis away while cooking
attentn.wav - looking for the chick with big boobs
mental.wav - Mental masturbation... -

Copyright 1999 Food God Productions. All rights reserved. If you are reading this, you suck. Why read this. Go look at something else bunghole. Yeah, you heard me!! I called you a bunghole!!.........How does it feel?