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come.wav - Come to butthead
butmonkey.wav - Buttmonkey!!
juan.wav - Coffee Beans
yourself.wav - Beavis is a 'Do it yourself' man
closed.wav - We're closed. Go away
Welcome~1.wav - Welcome to the future...
schlong.wav - Drawing schlongs
tools.wav - Huh huh, tools
kicknad.wav - Kick him in the nads
ustupid.wav - Are you stupid beavis?
woody.wav - I got a woody woodpecker
again.wav - Lets do that again
dork.wav - What a dork
waterwav.wav - I can't seem to take my eyes of her
buttvent.wav - Butt Ventriloquist
jewels.wav - The family jewels
climbmoutain.wav - We have climbed the mountain
shovebutt.wav - Don't make me shove this thing up your butt
spank.wav - Can you spank a sea monkey??
bbwalka.wav - Your roughing up my walk-a-wear
didiscor.wav - Did I just score?
innocula.wav - I think I just innoculated
itwasfree.wav - Hey, it was free asswipe!
pencil.wav - Our pencils are hard
rockform.wav - I've got a rock formation in my pants
showwatr.wav - Shows about water
sunsucks.wav - The sun sucks
unit.wav - Does anyone wanna see my unit??
wewerenext.wav - Hey, we were next asswipe
man.wav - I've got testicles
batheher.wav - Bath her, and bring her to me
boyitell.wav - Boy I tell you beavis, your an s.o.b.
braces.wav - I noticed you have braces
buttburg.wav - Buttburgler!!
buttsucks.wav - Your butt sucks
callback.wav - Call us back immediatley
cantdo.wav - I can't do this all day, dillweed
canttake.wav - I can't take it anymore
cutcheese.wav - Did you cut the cheese?
compsuck.wav - I guess I'd complain too if I sucked
ballwash.wav - Beavis, you're balls are filthy
bb-cool3.wav - We're gonna be cool.. - Bunghead & Crevis - Washing Anderson's dog
10pm.wav - It's 10pm, do you know where your weiner is?
buttturd.wav - Butthead taking a dump
nodillweed.wav - No dillweed, that's not how it goes
fat.wav - That guy is really fat
kickass.wav - I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kick your ass
pass.wav - We got a pass, asswipe
smack.wav - Don't make me smack you
notbetter.wav - It doesn't get any better than this
sure.wav - Are you licking right?
tatoe2.wav - tattoo on my butt of a buttcheek
wakeup.wav - Wake up butthole
wedgy.wav - Nice wedgie dude
whoa.wav - Whoa
wherethere.wav - We're there dude

Copyright 1999 Food God Productions. All rights reserved. If you are reading this, you suck. Why read this. Go look at something else bunghole. Yeah, you heard me!! I called you a bunghole!!.........How does it feel?